The months leading up to the holidays can be a busy time for many small businesses, but if you're in the wedding stationery business, things might be slowing down. It's important to understand your businesses (and industries) unique selling patterns and holiday trends, but each season brings new opportunities to connect with your audience. 

Tip #1 "Decorate" Your Online Presence 

When it's time to pack up the umbrellas and beach gear in exchange for corn husks and cobwebs, it's also time to give your online presence a holiday make-over. Upload a seasonal cover photo to your website and use a seasonal color palette in your social media posts. Make sure you stay on brand, though. If you are a fine art designer don't suddenly turn your Instagram into a kitschy Halloween USA store, you'll risk alienating your followers and diminishing your brand.

Tip #2 Break the Norm 

Just because your peak season might be "off-season", doesn't mean you can't find success during the holiday rush. Help people think outside of the industry's box and reconsider what's normal. For example, showcase designs with fall and winter color palettes to show future clients the beauty that's possible outside of a spring wedding. Or if you've considered expanding your business into greeting cards, gift tags, wrapping paper, or calendars now is the perfect time to market your new offerings. 

Tip #3 Critique your Shop

Slowdowns can be an amazing opportunity to invest much needed time and love into the presence of your shop, website, and social media presence. Look at all your listings and search for new trends or words that your ideal customers are searching for. Can you update your imagery, titles, tags, and FAQs to better serve your audience? Examine your Pinterest marketing strategy; do your boards have searchable titles, hashtags, and descriptions? Are you images compelling, on brand, and beautiful? 

Remember, the most impactful thing you can do for your business is be persistent and consistent. Continue posting to social media and sharing new content to grow your connection with your existing customers, boost your seasonal sales, and increase your audience. 

Try selecting 3-5 coordinating holiday stock images that you can use across all your platforms for a cohesive and professional look. The Styled Stock Shop has curated Fall Favorites to help get your online presence in perfect shape for fall festivities.

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