The Legal Jargon

With this transaction Purchaser acknowledges that the purchase comes with a non-exclusive limited use license so that the Purchaser may use the image for personal or professional use in the normal course of Purchaser's business. 

Purchaser may crop the image and overlay the image with text or pdfs of product designs as fits the Purchaser needs, but the Purchaser may not otherwise alter, edit, or manipulate the image. 

Juliana Nahas remains the sole and exclusive owner and holder of the copyright in the image and the Purchaser may not sell, lease, loan, transfer, assign, or give away the image or a derivative thereof or otherwise allow a third-party to use the image in any way. 

The Purchaser may not use The Styled Stock Shop images to promote styling or photography related workshops, webinars, classes, how-to-style blog posts or newsletters, or any styling or photography related training.

Now in English 

Images in The Styled Stock Shop were designed to be a part of your branding and help grow your business. You can use a single image over and over again on your website, social media, and even by cropping an image in different ways (all images are super high resolution making it easy to zoom in and crop to highlight specific areas).

By purchasing an image, you are agreeing not to give away the image (or a part of the image) to someone else (for example, a giveaway product like a desktop screen saver or a for sale product like an art print, or as part of a website template). As a fellow entrepreneur, I know you know how frustrating it is when someone steals your work, gives credit to someone else, or misuses your art. It's rude, frustrating, and discouraging. Please don't do it. 

Finally, using an image from The Styled Stock Shop to sell a photography, photo-editing, or styling course, workshop, e-book, or training is false advertising. Show your audience something YOU have created so they know what they are getting and can get excited about what YOU can teach them. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the legal use of our images, please email me at I'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have! 

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